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Emergency Light Testing

Emergency lights are self-contained units that are wired into the mains, but have the benefit of battery backup which enables them to remain on should the mains power fail. The batteries can either be carried within the body of the individual light or accessed by lights via an independent wired circuit. The batteries are kept charged via the mains.

Our Emergency Light Testing service will highlight any concerns or defects that need to be rectified so that you can keep your property, employees and customers safe.

The Emergency Light Testing service will ensure your system is BS 5266 compliant, we provide annual inspections and duration testing, as well as monthly examinations and ad-hoc checks, no matter how big or small your business and property is. The testing regimes are;

Monthly Flick Test: A flick test to make sure the emergency light activates record in the Fire Alarm Log Book.

Annual 3 hour Test: Engineer visit to undertake a full 3hr test and to report faults and certificate findings, and submit quotes for repairs if any. Where possible this test should be carried out, outside of normal operational hours allowing the units time to recharge once they have completed their drain down.

All of our emergency lighting systems conform to the recommendations in BS 5266. With Churches Fire, we guarantee to advise on the best quality products that adhere to British Standards.

Since 2005, and the introduction of the Fire Regulation Reform Order, the legal imperative for installing emergency lighting systems is the same as for fire alarm systems and fire fighting equipment.

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